Gérard Lesne & Le Concert Universel

La Quintessence de l’Art, d’une vie en musique, d’une voix d’exception: Gérard Lesne dans un programme sur mesure pour une soirée d’émotion, d’étincelles musicales, avec la complicité de Juliette Roumailhac et Le Concert Universel.

Un instant unique qui résonne déjà à travers les mots de Gérard Lesne:

“Voici ici, comme la madeleine de Marcel Proust, une esquisse de mon voyage en musique, dialogue toujours renouvelé avec tant de compositeurs géniaux, tellement actuels, et tant d’interprètes inspirés.
Quintessence, certainement !” 

Oeuvres de Haendel, Purcell, Lully, Vivaldi etc.

7 musiciens  Contre ténor, 2 violons, alto, violoncelle,  luth,  clavecin

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Quelques Ayres… de rien

Évasion musicale en compagnie d’un luth et d’un violon

A rare and tightly-knit group, like a return to the roots of the music that is created in an inventive complicity. This programme mixes joy, poetry, humour, melancholy and lightness, in a natural proximity between musicians and audience. The tunes (or Ayres) resonate with familiar echoes of popular music that has crossed the centuries and invite improvisation. A touching, inspiring and close music, for a musical moment out of time.

Works by Nicola Matteis, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, John Playford, Johannes Hieronymus Kapsberger, and a few surprises. Detailed program available on request

2 musicians (baroque violin, lute, baroque guitar, theorbo)
60 mn (can be discussed)

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Dans le salon de Monsieur Leclair

The composer Jean-Marie Leclair was a virtuoso violinist, a ballet dancer and an eclectic artist.

He displays his multifaced talents in a program mixing virtuoso sonatas for the violin and the bass, with dance pieces from his Scylla and Glaucus opera which are transcribed for a more intimate musical group by Le Concert Universel.

Detailed program available on request

This program was recorded and is now published CD Available here.(lien vers page achat CD)

4 musicians : 2 violins, viola de gamba and harpsichord

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Chronos. Se jouer du temps

« It is not about learning something, it is about feeling and getting in condition »

Le Concert Universel has collaborated with the ensemble Melpomen from Basel (directed by Conrad Steinman) in order to have a dialogue between ancient Greek music and the XVIIth century music.

This sound discovery breaks cultural worlds which pay lip service to musical vibrations and share humanistic visions.

Their collaboration allows them to explore aesthetic, rythmic and artistic echoes and tensions respecting their particular musical traditions, as well as getting together the instruments and the musicians of Le Concert Universel and  Melpomen.

Works: original creations (Conrad Steinmann) on poems by Sappho, Solon, Anacreon as well as works by Falconiero, Biber, Marini, Kapsberger, Monteverdi etc.

10 musicians:
Le Concert Universel: 2 violins, viola da gamba, dulciane, lute, harpsichord and organ

Melpomen: aulos, barbiton, lyre, cithara, kymbala, crotals, rhombos, tenor, soprano.

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Concertare. Le baroque éblouissant

The violin concertos tell the fondness of the XVIIIth century music lovers for this instrument which is bright, virtuoso and charming at the same time. In this program the concerto displays various forms. It can offer the a molti stromenti concerto as well as the traditional form, the form of an enchanting dialogue between the soloist instrument and the orchestra. The Tartini violin will sometimes offer charm, the Locatelli violin its virtuosity while the lute displays wonder as one listens to a concerto which is rarely heard.

Works by Vivaldi, Handel, Locatelli, Tartini

8-14 musiciens : 2 violins, viola, cello, bass, lute, bassoon, harpsichord  (+ 4 violins, viola, cello)

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Voyage en Italie

You are invited to a journey in the XVIIIth century baroque Italy. You will follow the steps of famous composers: Violin, cello and harpsichord works by Corelli, Tartini, Bonporti, Veracini and Vivaldi will offer you virtuosity, lyricism and charm.

Violin, cello harpsichord (lute)

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