Juliette Roumailhac

Founder, Violin, Conductor

«Juliette Roumailhac carries out a personal research on the accuracy and quality of the sound so that her musical interpretations are inspired moments. Her eclecticism allows her to go through the different musical times and interpretation styles of the music for the violin with delight and pleasure.» Jérôme Correas, conductor, harpsichord player, founder of Les Paladins.

Juliette Roumailhac’s virtuoso and poetic musical playing was noticed as soon as she had finished the conservatoire and she was the winner of the Marc Schwok prize. She is noted for her expertise to establish links with European baroque musical scene, with a fine musical sensibility.

She founded Le Concert Universel in 2017 and she has recorded works by Jean- Marie Leclair. This CD, with original transcriptions will be published in 2021 under the Claves label.

She has regularly performed on various European scenes. She thrives while working with famous artists such as Jerome Correas and Sandrine Piau.

Ton Koopman, Jérôme Correas (Les Paladins) and Guillaume Tourniaire (l’Ensemble Vocal et Instrumental de Lausanne) invite her regularly as solo violinist. She performs in diverse ensembles such as Les Arts Florissants (William Christie), La Chambre Philarmonique (Emmanuel Krivine), Il Seminario Musicale (Gérard Lesne), Cappella Mediterranea (Leonardo Garcia Alarcon).

Juliette Roumailhac studied at la Haute École de Musique de Genève and she continued her studies with Eberhard Feltz in Berlin and Dora Schwarberg in Vienna.

She has then studied the baroque violin at la Haute École de Genève in order to perform on period instruments and has graduated as a soloist.

Her discography includes recording with Les Paladins (Jérôme Correas) under the Naïve and Cyprès label, as well as with the Clematis ensemble under the Ricercar Label.

She plays on a Dom Nicolo Amati (1720).